Event Styling & Creative Floral Design

Our Philoshophy

For most of us marriage is one of the most significant events of our lives.   It is something that most of us have dreamed of, or fantasized about since childhood, having envisioned the perfect, dreamlike, fairytale wedding.  Each couple desires and deserves the best, from the selection of the perfect wedding dress to the attention paid to the finest detail.

As far as the wedding decoration itself is concerned, “the best” means creating the perfect scene which reflects each couple’s personality, while highlighting the wedding gown and making an impact on the guests.  This can prove to be difficult, but for us it is a welcome challenge that we embrace.  We are a team of specialists that include florists, stylists and designers with a passion for beauty, elegance, style, uniqueness, creativity and originality.   Working in conjunction with brides and clients on a personal level by sharing their ideas, dreams and visions and in turn making them come to life is what inspires us.

Each wedding is a unique provocation for us. We consider each event a work of art.   We relish the idea of creating an incredible atmosphere through the use of color schemes, floral arrangements and decorative items.   We have the ability to create the perfect scenery for any wedding and combine it with the breathtaking backdrop that is the landscape of Santorini itself.  From refined elegance, to quintessentially vintage to dazzling glamour and everything in between we are inspired by your style and dreams to design the perfect day for you.

Our hallmark is combining uncompromising customer service by giving all couples our undivided attention while designing and organizing an event that is uniquely theirs.  We meld our unparalleled professional experience with elements from each couples personal love story thus creating an event that is truly unforgettable.