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Just a few days before winter is officially over and we are already dreaming about summer weddings… as if we ever stop, right? Wedding season is almost here, so let’s warm up by having a serious talk about staff that melt our hearts and probably also yours, on a summer wedding!

Vows by the beach. Tying the knot with your love on the seaside bears a sense of eternity. Those moments you will walk down the aisle towards your partner, promising everlasting devotion, are priceless once surrounded by nature’s infinite.

Summer outfits. First of all, what else, your wedding gown! Need more? Three words: airy - bridesmaids’- dresses. 

Summer wedding themes.  Bohemian seaside, Tropic glam, Navy elegance and the list goes on. Whatever inspires you, can turn into a unique wedding experience with the help of your wedding stylist!

Summer wedding themes.  Bohemian seaside, Tropic glam, Navy elegance and the list goes on. Whatever inspires you, can turn into a unique wedding experience with the help of your wedding stylist!

Bold color palettes. It’s amazing how summer couples do embrace colors in terms of decoration. The fact is that they couldn’t be more right, as the more vibrant the colors the more jaw-dropping the result under the sun!

But still, as less couldn’t be more, we do absolutely love a well-designed organic wedding. Also, this summer foliage decoration will be a major trend thanks to Pantone’s color of the year!

Peonies on early summer, as no bride can resist in these beauties and lucky them, no florist too!

King size dahlias by the end of summer. The magical touch of α fragile yet precious and truly beautiful bloom that can’t go unnoticed.

Summer flowers are the BEST! Spring ones too; and autumn ones, but… that’s another story. However some of the flowers’ super stars do actually peak in summer! Cheers to Hydrangea, Calla lily, Bougainvillea and all their friends! 

Free shaped bouquets as during the season of ease and freedom nothing is more appropriate than a flowy floral arrangement with natural and asymmetrical shape.

Whatever boho. Dreamcatchers, macrame details & colorful blooms do certainly complement in a bubbly way the summer spirit.

Lush garland centerpieces.  It’s not just that we cannot resist in full bloom tablescapes, but there is something truly stunning and still refreshing about oversized and colorful runner garlands! 

Fresh herbs like Rosemary, Lavender or Thyme throughout your flower decorations, do guarantee the scented seduction of your attendants. Dare to incorporate them in your food and drinks menu as well, as besides tasteful decorations, the herbs do also result in absolutely tasty flavors!

Ethereal fabrics. Whether it comes tο your wedding backdrop or your table set up there is nothing like the touch of summer breeze, animating some muslin or silk fabric.

Refreshment corners. Not only a great way to keep your guests comfortable and hydrated with fresh fruits, juices, cocktails & flavored water during a warm evening; but also a super cute meeting point.

Paper fans & umbrellas. Speaking of comfort and cuteness, no wedding should lack in customized, printed fans that can serve as a welcome message to your guests or even better, as a ceremony program.

Ice cream carts. Isn’t it the coolest thing that can happen at a summer wedding? Oh yes, your guests will love you for that, a little more!

Floating candles either as centerpieces or scattered on the pool surface, are the flickering details to intensify the romantic feeling from dusk till dawn!

Starry night dance floors surrounded by lanterns & candles, as the candlelight will take your dancing moves to the next level! 

Fire work finale. As your reception will be held under the summer sky, is there a more dramatic way to finish your day? We guess that no! 

We are looking forward to discuss more favorites in the comments below!


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