Here is to the stress free... bride to be!

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The ultimate survival guide for the pre-wedding period

Will you? Oh, yes! Fine, let’s start planning, we have so much to do! Wait, what?

Styled photo shooting @ Vassaltis

the State of art winery in Santorini

This week we’ve been sharing this beautiful styled wedding shoot that we carried out this week and we have organized two more, which we’ll hopefully be sharing with you soon. Just a few photos of the bakstages from photoshooting of the beautiful winery Vassaltis in Santorini! Professional photos are coming from Vangelis Photography (!! Don't miss them out!

20 things we do love

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about summer weddings

Just a few days before winter is officially over and we are already dreaming about summer weddings… as if we ever stop, right? Wedding season is almost here, so let’s warm up by having a serious talk about staff that melt our hearts and probably also yours, on a summer wedding!

Vows by the beach. Tying the knot with your love on the seaside bears a sense of eternity. Those moments you will walk down the aisle towards your partner, promising everlasting devotion, are priceless once surrounded by nature’s infinite.

To blue or not to blue?

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To blue or not to blue?

There is something about blue color that makes it irresistible when it appears at any black tie event’s decoration. Blue is one of the oldest decorative colors and it still remains on the top list when it comes to formality and elegance. Its timeless beauty and its strong presence can’t go unnoticed and seem to be the proof that blue makes an excellent choice.

The flower superpower

Flowers-everywhere-:-on-the-ceremony-arch-across-the-aisle-on-the tables-on-the-chairs-hanging-from-every-possible-surface
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Flowers… oh, flowers!

First thing that comes in mind when you are dreaming of fairylike wedding scenery is flowers, isn’t it? Flowers everywhere: on the ceremony arch, across the aisle, on the tables, hanging from every possible surface! Lush arrangements and delicate floral details made with unique blooms, giving off captivating aromas do certainly complete in a romantic & memorable way the sweet atmosphere of such a special lifetime event! 

It’s all about details!

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Tall centerpieces? Low centerpieces? No centerpieces?

Designing your wedding can be really stressful at times, especially when it comes to details. You take the whole thing really personally as you want your special day to be perfectly arranged for you, your partner and your beloved ones and that’s why you care about every little thing. But which are actually the decoration details that do never go unnoticed? Let’s find out!  

The power of foliage

New trend

When we think of wedding decorations the first think that comes to mind is tons and tons of flowers with minimal to no foliage on the actual flower arrangements. What would you think, however, if we were to tell you that foliage is to become the new “wedding flower”? Yes, you read correctly! As surprising as it may seem, foliage can transform the plain to extra lavish and lush, it is by far more cost-friendly than your standard florals and is so versatile that can beautifully accent any wedding theme. Got your attention yet?


Or An hymn to excellence

Shiny, matt or rusty, copper, bronze or antique, sequined, crackled or with sparkles, allover or just in details, gold will definitely find a way to make a bold decoration statement on your special day!