The power of foliage

New trend

When we think of wedding decorations the first think that comes to mind is tons and tons of flowers with minimal to no foliage on the actual flower arrangements. What would you think, however, if we were to tell you that foliage is to become the new “wedding flower”? Yes, you read correctly! As surprising as it may seem, foliage can transform the plain to extra lavish and lush, it is by far more cost-friendly than your standard florals and is so versatile that can beautifully accent any wedding theme. Got your attention yet?


Or An hymn to excellence

Shiny, matt or rusty, copper, bronze or antique, sequined, crackled or with sparkles, allover or just in details, gold will definitely find a way to make a bold decoration statement on your special day!

Planning a destination wedding to Santorini

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Pamper your guests

Having a destination wedding to the stunning island of Santorini is certainly not for the faint-hearted. Your wedding planning consists of a ceremony, reception, vacations for you and your guests, as well as your honeymoon all in one! As organizing everything from abroad can be really tricky and stressful we put together some tips to help you set-off! As you start the planning process, know that weddings aren't easy and there is likely to be some stress before it is all over.

Why White?

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the wedding color

Cliché as it may sound white is THE wedding color. 2016 and still every year the majority of the brides trust in white and they are proved to be… right! Symbol of purity, innocence, eternity (blah blah blah) but mostly the color that complements every bride and also makes each black tie event looking even more exclusive! Let’s give you a few more reasons to be one of the white brides of next season!


Wedding flower tips (Part I)

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Your guide

Flowers are one of the most important elements of your wedding day! They symbolize life, growth and rebirth and add the “wow” factor to the day's decorations. Wedding flowers are one of the things guests will remember most. So if you want your wedding to be a blooming success, we suggest you consider these tips to avoid any major floral faux pas.


Know your budget

50 shades of Pink

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Let’s talk about pink!

Let’s talk about pink and how to communicate with your flower designer!  Soft pink, pastel pink, pale pink, blush pink, light pink, baby pink, nude pink, dusty pink…

Who can really tell the difference among the different shades of pink?

wedding designer or planner?

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What is the difference?

What is the difference between a wedding planner and a wedding designer?

One of the most common misconceptions among brides and grooms is about the responsibilities and talents associated with a wedding planner and a wedding designer. While they both work towards the common goal of making your wedding day fabulous, the job responsibilities of each professional are actually very different.

2017 Wedding Trends (part 1)

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There’s a lot to love about weddings next year!

New upcoming year means new WEDDING TENDS! Let’s take a quick pick of what to wait in 2017.