Here is to the stress free... bride to be!

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The ultimate survival guide for the pre-wedding period

Will you? Oh, yes! Fine, let’s start planning, we have so much to do! Wait, what?

The power of foliage

New trend

When we think of wedding decorations the first think that comes to mind is tons and tons of flowers with minimal to no foliage on the actual flower arrangements. What would you think, however, if we were to tell you that foliage is to become the new “wedding flower”? Yes, you read correctly! As surprising as it may seem, foliage can transform the plain to extra lavish and lush, it is by far more cost-friendly than your standard florals and is so versatile that can beautifully accent any wedding theme. Got your attention yet?


Or An hymn to excellence

Shiny, matt or rusty, copper, bronze or antique, sequined, crackled or with sparkles, allover or just in details, gold will definitely find a way to make a bold decoration statement on your special day!

Why White?

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the wedding color

Cliché as it may sound white is THE wedding color. 2016 and still every year the majority of the brides trust in white and they are proved to be… right! Symbol of purity, innocence, eternity (blah blah blah) but mostly the color that complements every bride and also makes each black tie event looking even more exclusive! Let’s give you a few more reasons to be one of the white brides of next season!